~ JUST BECAUSE, the brand NEW single from VINCENT VAUGHAN, will be  
available on all platforms from FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th.


JUST BECAUSE, scheduled for general release on all platforms on September 30th, will 
mark the third release of a busy year from Tipperary Recording Artist and singer songwriter 

Describing the track as “...a cracking little up-tempo tune that gets the heart started!”, 
JUST BECAUSE first came to Vincent’s attention when he heard the great English guitarist 
Albert Lee perform it in Waterford many years ago. In that moment, the seed was sown for 
Vincent to eventually take the song into the studio himself. Soon, it will feature on his forthcoming debut album. 

“The guitar playing by Chris Gage and the piano by Earl Poole Ball make this track a stand- 
out tune on this collection”, remarks Vincent, a statement that will have fans nodding in 
agreement on first listen. 

JUST BECAUSE is credited to brothers Joe and Bob Shelton together with Sydney 
Robin, although some believe that Robin was the sole writer with the Shelton brothers                                                                                                    simply adding their names at the time they recorded the song. What is certain, however,                                                                                                  is that JUST BECAUSE can be traced back as far as 1928 being associated with a band called                                                                                Nelstone’s Hawaiians, and originally being played in an old timee / bluegrass style.  

The song is also featured on a series of recordings entitled When The Sun Goes Down: The Secret History Of Rock And Roll,                                with the version from The Lone Star Cowboys.  

When Vincent refers to JUST BECAUSE as a “tune that gets the heart started”, he’s by 
no means the first one to get that feeling from those early recordings, in particular that made 
by the Shelton Brothers all the way back in 1933. 

While any mention of the Shelton siblings might well leave even the most discerning of 
music lovers scratching their heads in 2022, not so with names like Elvis and Paul 
McCartney. While it was never actually released on the famous Sun record label, ‘the King’ 
recorded JUST BECAUSE at Sun Studios in September 1954, with that version eventually 
closing out Side A of Elvis Presley, the 1956 studio debut from Elvis, released on the RCA 

There’s no doubt that JUST BECAUSE is a big song, with a big history behind it too. 
Vincent’s rendering of Rodney Crowell’s Many A Long And Lonesome Highway back in May, 
and July’s Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens, were both afforded a warm welcome to the 
world, with each track earning airplay on RTE Radio 1, and even picking up spins as far 
away as the USA, New Zealand and Australia.  

So Vincent, through excellent song choice and an unquestionable quality of musicianship,                                                                                              has set a high-bar for anything that bears his name.  

And the good news is that JUST BECAUSE certainly lives up to what’s gone before. That’s a 
fact that’s also sure to whet fans’ appetite to hear the rest of the long-player from which it 
comes, when that collection finally comes our way too. 

“As someone who is still new to the scene as far as being a recording artist goes, I’ve put a 
lot of thought into what people get to hear from me first at this stage of my career. ‘Many A 
long And Lonesome Highway’ was a nod to Rodney Crowell, a man who has inspired me so 
much in my music and my own songwriting, while ‘Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens’ was 
to show that there’s a little bit of a lighter side to me too. What I think ‘JUST BECAUSE’ will do,                                                                                    is show people that I’m just like most people who love music, and definitely most people who play...we want to have fun!                                      That’s what this song is. Fun, all the way up and down!” 

It was a sheer joy for me to have been able to share the studio with gentlemen like Chris 
[Gage] and Eric [Poole Ball] working on this one, along with everybody else involved in the 
project”, affirms Vincent. 

“If people experience even half of that joy when they listen to the record, then I’ll be a happy 

~ JUST BECAUSE, the brand NEW single from VINCENT VAUGHAN, will be 
available on all platforms from FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th.

Vincent's Debut Single, Many A Long And Lonesome Highway, Released On 13/05/22

 Vincent's debut single - his take on the brilliant Many A Long And Lonesome Highway - penned by Rodney Crowell and Will Jennings - was released on Friday May 13th. Available for request at all radio stations and also to stream on all platforms.

 New Video Release

 The new video for Vincent's Debut Single, Many A Long And Lonesome Highway was released on Monday May 23rd, 2022. It premiered on the Hot Country TV Music Show and also featured on the Phil Mac Music hour on Spotlight TV. It is available to view in the videos section of this website and is available to stream on Vincent's Facebook Music Page and his YouTube Channel. 

Follow-up Single

Vincent's Follow-up Single 'Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens' was released on July 29th 2022. It has enjoyed repeat plays on several high profile radio programs including RTE Radio 1 on the Ronan Collins Show and on Brian Lally's Country time program. A follow-up Video is in the pipeline with release date to be announced.